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WooCommerce Currency Switcher – is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce store that allows to switch products prices on WooCommerce shop site to any different currencies and get their rates converted in the real time! Ideal solution to make an online store in multiple currencies AND a must have plugin for your WooCommerce powered online store! Maximum flexibility!

The plugin features

  1. Compatible - from WooCommerce 2.6.x to WooCommerce 3.4.x
  2. Widget & Shortcode [woocs]
  3. 2 more additional AJAXED shortcodes: [woocs_rates] & [woocs_converter]
  4. The customers are allowed to pay in the selected currency (optionally)
  5. GeoLocation by IP using WooCommerce native PHP class WC_Geolocation
  6. Individual GeoIP rules for each product
  7. GeoLocation functionality by IP using WooCommerce native PHP class WC_Geolocation which allows to detect new site visitor native currency
  8. GeoLocation functionality also allows to set different prices to different countries!!
  9. GeoLocation functionality also allows Approximate price/amount in the user native currency (optionally)
  10. GeoLocation functionality also allows checkout by GeoIP rules - if in geo rules selected currency for any country - user will pay only in that currency on checkout
  11. Individual fixed prices rules for each product
  12. Fixed minimum amount for FREE delivery for each currency
  13. Fixed minimum amount for shipping for each currency
  14. Fixed amount for coupons for each currency
  15. Fixed minimum and maximum coupon verification amount for each currency
  16. Currencies rate auto update option with aggregators: hourly, twicedaily, daily, weekly, monthly
  17. Possible to set rate manually
  18. Email notice about "Rate auto update" results (optionally)
  19. Native WooCommerce PayPal gate ready!
  20. Possibility to create and use custom currency which doesn’t exists in the reality
  21. Possible to add custom currency sign in the store
  22. Set price format which fit your needs: decimals count, sign, custom sign, sign position (4 variants)
  23. For each currency set its own decimals count after comma, so BTC is not the problem with this plugin
  24. Show or hide cents for each currency optionally
  25. Possibility to show the visitors the approximate price in their currency on checkout
  26. Possibility to set flag for each currency
  27. 5 kinds of drop-downs, side switcher and as flags to show currency switcher
  28. Set currencies exchange rates manually or/and by any of 7 currency aggregators with cron
  29. Simple settings panel
  30. Possible to set currency with the site link as:
  31. Possibility to add new orders by hands in any currency!
  32. Easy to use for administrators and shop customers
  33. Compatible with – WooCommerce Stripe Gateway by woothemes
  34. Compatible with - Stripe Payment Gateway WooCommerce Addon
  35. PayPal for WooCommerce by angelleye
  36. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
  37. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce by bolderelements
  38. Compatible withWooCommerce Products Filter
  39. We Can Do Compatibility


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