FOX - Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce

Update v.2.1.8/1.1.8

  • New feature: Individual fixed prices rules for each product
    Customer request: Please provide MANUAL price add per product. Because each country purchasing power is different, so i must edit price by product manually.
    Customer request: Hello,my question is very easy Can I fix prices for different currency’s? I don´t want to allow the system to change the value of the product, in function of the international value of a currency a given day, For example I want this Rayban sunglasses Aviator: 27$ for USA // 25€ for UE countries.
  • New feature: Individual GeoIP rules for each product
    Customer request: This product is fantastic. I just have one question, is there any way to put a specific price for each country? For Example i want Country A to cost $50 USD but Country B same product cost $35 USD and let Currency Switcher do its exchange magic
  • New feature: Checkout by GeoIP rules
  • New function: $WOOCS->set_currency()
  • New action: woocs_force_pay_bygeoip_rules
  • New feature: Email notice about “Rate auto update” results