FOX - Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce

AffiliateWP – Easy affiliate marketing for WordPress that works


How to adapt:

  • open file wp-content\plugins\AffiliateWP-master\includes\integrations\class-woocommerce.php
  • drop next code there as on the screen below:
    $curr=$this->order->get_order_currency( );
    if (class_exists('WOOCS'))
    	  global $WOOCS;

Request from the customer:

AffiliateWP is a plugin that allows a store owner to pay affiliates a commission. The problem is that when we are using your currency switcher plugin, the AffiliateWP plugin calculates the commission (for example, 10%) in the woocommerce base currency, but with the numeric value of the currency that the order was placed in. For example: if a product costs £290 GBP ($380 USD), the 10% commission is currently calculated by AffiliateWP as £38. But this is incorrect. The correct solution would be either £29 or $38. Do you see what I mean? 

Please keep me updated. Thanks