FOX - Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce

Manufacturer Price

Manufacturer Price is a WooCommerce Extension Plugin using which you can store and display the Manufacturer (MSRP or List Price) Price of a Product

  • open file manufacturerprice.php
  • find public static function fp_msrp_frontend_display($price, $obj)
  • before if (empty($msrp)) insert next code

    if (class_exists('WOOCS'))
           global $WOOCS;
           $currencies = $WOOCS->get_currencies();
           $msrp = $msrp * $currencies[$WOOCS->current_currency]['rate'];
           $msrp = number_format($msrp, 2, $WOOCS->decimal_sep, '');

  • OR from 2.0.9 version you can use simple filter:
    $msrp = apply_filters('woocs_exchange_value', $msrp);
  • in the same function
  • in condition if ((is_category() || is_archive() && !is_shop()) && (!is_admin()))
  • before if (empty($msrp))
  • insert the same code above