FOX - Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce

Custom currency switcher works well throughout the site but not in the ”quick view”

Some themes implements their own functionality for quick view for woocommerce products. And in some cases it doesn work well with WOOCS. For example – flatsome theme uses ‘jck_quickview’ event to show this popup, and for first initialization it shows basic currency, but after manipulations with product attributes it shows right currency. So there is 2 ways to resolve it:

  • find template where quick view popup generates and change code for price:
    global $WOOCS;
    $currencies = $WOOCS->get_currencies();
    $price_num = $price_num * $currencies[$WOOCS->current_currency]['rate'];
    $price_num = number_format($price_num, 2, $WOOCS->decimal_sep, $WOOCS->thousands_sep);
    echo $product_price;