FOX - Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce

How to manipulate with currencies rates

From version 2.2.9/1.2.9 use field ‘interes‘ in the currencies options!

Old description:

Sometimes some customers need manipulation with currency rates, for example add to USD rate 10%. Every body has its own logic and Math. This article just show how to do this.

  • open your theme functions.php
  • on the same bottom of the file write next code:
    add_filter('woocs_currency_data_manipulation', 'woocs_currency_data_manipulation', 1, 1);
    function woocs_currency_data_manipulation($currencies)
        foreach ($currencies as $key => $value)
            if ($key == 'USD')
                $currencies[$key]['rate'] = $value['rate'] + 0.10*$value['rate'];//add 10%
        return $currencies;
  • fix: for versions lower 2.1.5 in index.php of the WOOCS plugin in public function get_currencies() in code:
    if (!empty($currencies) AND ! isset($_POST['woocs_name']))
        //return $currencies;
    }//comment return!