FOX - Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce

Update v.2.3.9/v.1.3.9

  • New hookwoocs_precision_on_calc‘ – needed if prices are very low. For example, paper clips are sold at $0.000423 and the minimum order is from 10,000. In order not to fall exactly during the conversion, it is worth transferring:
    add_filter('woocs_precision_on_calc', function ($precision, $currency) {
        $precision = 6;
        return $precision;
    }, 10, 2);
  • New currency aggregatorNational Bank of Moldova
  • New currency aggregatorMagyar Nemzeti Bank
  • New currency
  • For shortcode – [woocs_show_custom_price value=20 decimals=6 currency=USD] added new attributes:
    • decimals – number of decimal places currency
    • currency – if specified, then the shortcode will show the price in one currency only, regardless of the current currency
  • For shortcode [woocs_price id=87 currency=EUR] added new attributecurrency‘ -> the price will be indicated in the assigned currency, regardless of the current currency
  • New hookwoocs_product_fixed_price_data_simple_types‘ – passes an array with product type slugs. Specifies which type of products fixed prices can work with. If the user decides to add a custom type, he needs to do a compatibility test with fixed prices. Essentially a hook for developers who know what they are doing
  • New hookwoocs_order_formatted_prices‘ – added price formatting on: “Order page” and “Thank you page” –  if you pass false then there will be no formatting there

  • New attributecss_class‘ for shortcode [woocs css_class=”woocs_clean_select”] which allows to add to tag <select> custom css classes + special value there ‘woocs_clean_select‘ which allows to avoid applying of selected skins and always show pure drop-down
  • For premium version added “Currency Wizard” – search and add multiple currencies with all data: flag, rate, sign, description, etc.