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How to set right options in the Braintree account

This article describes how to make right options for when you want let your shop accept customer selected currency added in the WOOCS plugin options page.

  • In Setting > Processing > Merchant Account.
  • You need one merchant account per currency.
    In the Braintree Sandbox mode, you can create as many merchant accounts as you want. To go live, you need to contact Braintree with the list of the currencies you would like to use to activate them.
  • Once you have setup your different merchant accounts and have an ID for each one, you can configure your Braintree payment gateway plugin in WordPress.
  • I use the plugin “Braintree For Woocommerce” from Mr. Clayton. He can work with many merchants ID (there is a few Braintree plugin available, and not all can do it).
  • Braintree payments > Woocommerce Options > Merchant Account ID’s
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  • Then, add for each currency a new Merchant Account and copy the corresponding Merchant ID.
  • That’s it!

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