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Is it possible that delivery country change the currency?

Yes, in the functions.php file of the current wp theme of the site add the next code:

add_action('woocommerce_checkout_update_order_review', function($data) {
    global $WOOCS;

    if (is_string($data)) {
       parse_str($data, $data);
    $_currency = $WOOCS->get_currency_by_country($data['shipping_country']);
    if (!empty($_currency)) {
}, 9999);


Do not forget to set in tab “GeoIP rules” currency rules for countries as that rules uses in the billing on the script above

Customer request:

Is it possible that Delivercountry change the Curreny?
Deliver to US change to $ Deliver to DE/AT change to EUR Deliver to CH cgange to CHF ….
that would be nice! Otherwise a user can cheat and buy in the cheepest Currency

THX Stephan

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