WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher

How to display on woocommerce checkout page payment gate info

If you need to show to your customer any special info on the checkout page when they select method of paying you can use next custom script:

add_action('wp_footer', function() {
    if (is_checkout()) {
            jQuery(function ($) {
                $('<div class="your_css_class_here"></div>').insertAfter('.shop_table.woocommerce-checkout-review-order-table');

            function woocs_init_payment_meth() {
                jQuery('ul.wc_payment_methods li input').on('click', function (e) {

                    switch (jQuery(this).attr('id')) {
                        case 'payment_method_bacs':
                            jQuery('.your_css_class_here').html('text 1 here');

                        case 'payment_method_cheque':
                            jQuery('.your_css_class_here').html('text 2 here');

                    setTimeout(woocs_init_payment_meth, 777);
                    return true;

  • Drop the script into file functions.php of your current wp theme
  • Replace in the script CSS class ‘your_css_class_here‘ to any other you need, create your own
  • Write text for payments methods if it is fit to your site business logic
  • To get anchors of the payment methods use browser chrome-> right mouse click on the radio-input -> press there ‘view code‘ -> get there ID of the method and use it in the switch of the script above