FOX - Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce


Use this hook when you activated ‘Show approx. amount‘ option in the plugin settings and you want to change default text on the cart/checkout page generated by this feature ‘(Approx. %s)’ to smth another.


add_filter('woocs_get_approximate_amount_text', 'my_woocs_get_approximate_amount_text', 999, 2);
function my_woocs_get_approximate_amount_text($text, $wc_price)
    return sprintf(__('(My Approx. %s)'), $wc_price);
  • $text (string)
  • $wc_price (string)

Show approx. amount‘  – Show approximate amount on the checkout and the cart page with currency of user defined by IP in the GEO IP options tab.