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Currency recounts wrong – double, zero and others …

If you in doubt why your theme doesn work with WOOCS - try enable default theme and leave only enabled woocommerce and WOOCS plugins. Even sometimes enough change current theme to default one to understand that the wp theme is broken. Such cases not resolvable or you can resolve it self if you understand how woocommerce work in your theme.

Example of the case on the finish:

Thanks for taking a look.
The theme is using a function to add a prefix to the min / max prices. When I delete it, the currency switcher works again.

Can you look at the function and see what is stopping the currency switcher from working?

We found the problem!

We had to change the max. price string from $product->max_variation_price to $product->get_variation_regular_price( $min_or_max = 'max') so it works with your plugin

Thanks so much for all your help, much appreciated!

So before writing that something doesn work - check your theme firstly!


Second: disable all your enabled plugins except of WooCommerce and WOOCS - maybe there is any conflict plugins can be!


Be sure that you set all currency codes right as here ISO_4217 – Active codes

If still troubles enable in the plugin settings 'Currency storage' as transient


Try the plugin in both modes: 'Is multiple allowed' -> as Yes or No. And if your theme works in any of this modes but you not need it - you can write on support.

All tests can be done on test sub-domain (to avoid troubles with customers) with clone of the site made by this plugin

WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables