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WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons (by WooCommerce)

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Trouble: In the WT WCCA docs, they list a workaround for WPML multicurrency support, how to make WOOCS compatible too?

function wc_checkout_add_ons_wpml_multi_currency_support($cost) {

    return apply_filters('wcml_raw_price_amount', $cost);

add_filter('wc_checkout_add_ons_add_on_get_cost', 'wc_checkout_add_ons_wpml_multi_currency_support');

Described in:

Add next code to the functions.php file of the current wp theme:

function wc_checkout_add_ons_woocs_currency_support($cost) {

    return apply_filters('woocs_exchange_value', $cost);

add_filter('wc_checkout_add_ons_add_on_get_cost', 'wc_checkout_add_ons_woocs_currency_support');