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Use this hook to manipulate by price values, for example rounding price by your own logic. Examples: – rounding price to the nearest 50 cents – How to round prices to 500 – How to round prices to x.99 Also read:  


Use this hook when you activated ‘Show approx. amount’ option in the plugin settings and you want to change default text on the cart/checkout page generated by this feature ‘(Approx. %s)’ to smth another. Example:

$text (string) $wc_price (string) ‘Show approx. amount’  – Show approximate amount on the checkout and the cart page with currency of… read more


Use this hook if you want to add any additional information text after a product price on the shop/category page. Example:

Combine it with CSS (in style.css) code if necessary:



This hook uses in index.php of the plugin -> public function woocommerce_price_format:

So if you have any idea about your own price format use this hook with/without any conditions by your own logic:



This hook uses in public function get_currencies of the plugin:

So you can use it for any manipulations with the currencies data. Example:

p.s. From v.2.2.9/1.2.9 interest to currencies rate it is possible to add directly in the currencies options tab!!  


This hook created for manipulations with the currency switcher drop-down skins when its necessary, with any logic conditions, for example set usual drop-down skin in for mobile site view:

Its possible to use next values: no, ddslick, chosen, chosen_dark, wselect, flags Disable switcher drop-down skin in the AJAX mode of your site: Set any another skin for the currency switcher drop-down on the… read more


This hook can be used for adding any custom currency symbols with public function init_currency_symbols of the plugin.

Use it as:

p.s. For add any custom symbols use the plugin special option ‘Custom money signs’: