WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher


This hook created for manipulations with the currency switcher drop-down skins when its necessary, with any logic conditions, for example set usual drop-down skin in for mobile site view:

Its possible to use next values: no, ddslick, chosen, chosen_dark, wselect, flags

Disable switcher drop-down skin in the AJAX mode of your site:


Set any another skin for the currency switcher drop-down on the pages of your site dependently of its page:

There is possible to manipulate with view of switcher using your own conditions. For example we want to use in the shop sidebar 'ddslick' view but in top of the site you want to use flags. You can do it in the next way:

  • open file header.php file of the current wp theme and in the place you want too see currency switcher drop next code:
  • open file functions.php file of the current wp theme, and on the same bottom of the file drop next code:



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