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This hook allows to manipulate by currency on the checkout page if in tab Advanced enabled “Checkout by GeoIP rules” option. If “Checkout by GeoIP rules” is enabled and country not described in GEO-IP rules checkout will be done with currency selected by user. Using this hook its possible to change this situation:

Or… read more


Use this hook to manipulate by price values, for example rounding price by your own logic. Examples: – rounding price to the nearest 50 cents – How to round prices to 500 – How to round prices to x.99 Also read:  


Use this hook when you activated ‘Show approx. amount’ option in the plugin settings and you want to change default text on the cart/checkout page generated by this feature ‘(Approx. %s)’ to smth another. Example:

$text (string) $wc_price (string) ‘Show approx. amount’  – Show approximate amount on the checkout and the cart page with currency of… read more


Use this hook if you want to add any additional information text after a product price on the shop/category page. Example:

Combine it with CSS (in style.css) code if necessary:



This hook uses in index.php of the plugin -> public function woocommerce_price_format:

So if you have any idea about your own price format use this hook with/without any conditions by your own logic:



This hook uses in public function get_currencies of the plugin:

So you can use it for any manipulations with the currencies data. Example:

p.s. From v.2.2.9/1.2.9 interest to currencies rate it is possible to add directly in the currencies options tab!!  


This hook created for manipulations with the currency switcher drop-down skins when its necessary, with any logic conditions, for example set usual drop-down skin in for mobile site view:

Its possible to use next values: no, ddslick, chosen, chosen_dark, wselect, flags Disable switcher drop-down skin in the AJAX mode of your site: Set any another skin for the currency switcher drop-down on the… read more


This hook can be used for adding any custom currency symbols with public function init_currency_symbols of the plugin.

Use it as:

p.s. For add any custom symbols use the plugin special option ‘Custom money signs’:


Use this action-hook to make any data of your site currency switch-able. Example:

$value – is any decimal data which keeps in any meta field for example as amount in basic currency If you want to make switch-able any part of your content (text) in text editor, use this shortcode.