WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher


This hook allows to disable mini cart redrawing to avoid conflicts with another scripts or wrong redrawing. Necessary for some WordPress themes which already do such redrawing.

From v.2.3.3/1.3.3


This hook is for shortcode [woocs_price] and allows to manipulate by the price displayed by the shortcode on the fly.

From v.2.3.3/1.3.3


This hook allows to make compatibility with other plugins. Use it in your own code, as an example: $calc_value = apply_filters(‘woocs_convert_price’, $calc_value  ,false);  


From version 2.3.1/1.3.1 Allows to add custom currency aggregator. Works only in pair with woocs_add_aggregator_processor


From version 2.3.1/1.3.1 Allows to manipulate with currency rate on the fly or even use it as own currency aggregator.  


From v.2.3.1/1.3.1 Allows to select what table-data of the aggregator to use. Default is ‘A’.


Allows to manipulate with currencies before showing their drop-downs on the front, example:

Structure of the data in variable $currencies in the example above is:

  from ver.2.2.4/1.2.4


Hook for fixed prices. Need for compatibility with other plugins, for example: https://currency-switcher.com/woocommerce-extra-product-options-themecomplete/    


Allows to cut from cart and checkout page ‘format of price’ provided by ‘Custom price format’ plugin option. By default return TRUE, but its possible return FALSE