WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher


Main shortcode for the WooCommerce Currency Switcher. Generates drop-down or flags on the front of the site which allow users to switch currencies.


  • txt_type - 2 possible values: desc and code.
    • desc - on the front will be shown currency description in the drop-down options shortcode-466-2
    • code - will be shown currency code and its sign in the drop-down options shortcode-466-1
  • flag_position - (ddslick only) flag position. You can set side: left or right.
  • width - width in px or %. Set its value like '300px' or '75%'
  • show_flags - show or hide flags. Possible values: 1 or 0
  • style - added in version 2.2.9/1.1.9 for new styles system. Set there value from 1 to 3 (depends of in-built count of styles)
  • sd - special attribute for "Smart Designer", example: [woocs sd=7] where '7' is number of created design.

Skins with names like 'Style' has their own targeted attributes:

  • Style #2: head_bg - color of head background, head_txt_color - head text, head_close_bg - bg color of cross button, head_close_color - color of cross in close button. Example: [woocs style="2" head_bg="#ff0000" head_txt_color="#000" head_close_bg="green" head_close_color="yellow"]
  • Style #3: head_title - Text of head title, leave it empty to hide. Example: [woocs style="3" head_title="Select Currency"]

ATTENTION: all attributes above doesn't work for drop-down created by Smart Designer

If you want to set the switcher somewhere in the site code, for example in your wp theme header.php or footer.php use next code please:


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