WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher

Update v.2.2.0/v.1.2.0

Heap of small bugs fixed Updated desing of the plugin backend panel Added Narodowy Bank Polsky agregator http://api.nbp.pl/api/exchangerates/tables/A Hook: https://currency-switcher.com/hook/woocs_form_method/ Hook: https://currency-switcher.com/hook/woocs_cut_cart_price_format/ Hook: https://currency-switcher.com/hook/woocs_fixed_raw_woocommerce_price/    

Update v.2.1.8/1.1.8

New feature: Individual fixed prices rules for each product Customer request: Please provide MANUAL price add per product. Because each country purchasing power is different, so i must edit price by product manually. Customer request: Hello,my question is very easy Can I fix prices for different currency’s? I don´t want to allow the system to change […]