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Update v.2.3.2/v.1.3.2

fixes new design of currencies rates widget and shortcode [woocs_rates] new feature: countries profiles in tab “GeoIP rules” new currencies aggregator added “National Bank Of Ukraine” from now always works with basic currencies  

Update v.2.3.1/v.1.3.1

To improve SEO added bots definition functionality and reset currency for their visits Added hook woocs_bank_polski_table for aggregator “Narodowy Bank Polsky” New hook woocs_add_custom_rate – allows to manipulate with currency rate on the fly or even use it as own currency aggregator. New option “Prices preloader” which shows preloader on the prices when option “I… read more

Update v.2.2.9/v.1.2.9

heap of small fixes added in currencies new field as ‘interes’ which allows to add some your interest to the currencies rates added possibility to set currencies as Public or as Private. In private mode currency not published in switchers and user cannot set it by link through ‘?currency=XXX’ new in-built module Statistic: enable it… read more

Update v.2.2.7/v.1.2.7

New option: Show approx. price – Show approximate price on the shop and the single product page with currency of user defined by IP in the GeoIp rules tab. Works only with currencies rates data and NOT with fixed prices rules and geo rules. New tab: Payments rules – Hide/Show payment systems on checkout page… read more

Update v.2.2.4/v.1.2.4

Side switcher new hook woocs_currency_manipulation_before_show Google agregator removed as the service been closed Added new agregator XE Currency Converter  

Update v.2.2.2/v.1.2.2

Compatibility with woocommerce v.3.3.0. Before update to the latest woocommerce plugin read this Fixed prices for FREE delivery for each currency(actual only for woocommerce v3.3.0 and higher) Fixed minimum amount for shipping for each currency(actual only for woocommerce v3.3.0 and higher) Fixed amount for coupons for each currency(actual only for woocommerce v3.3.0 and higher) Fixed… read more

Update v.2.2.1/v.1.2.1

Yahoo aggregator removed as it failed completely Google aggregator changed its API and its fixed in WOOCS code New aggregator added: Note: if you used Yahoo aggregator  – change it on the plugin settings to any another one and save options.  

Update v.2.2.0/v.1.2.0

Heap of small bugs fixed Updated desing of the plugin backend panel Added Narodowy Bank Polsky agregator Hook: Hook: Hook:    

Update v.2.1.8/1.1.8

New feature: Individual fixed prices rules for each product Customer request: Please provide MANUAL price add per product. Because each country purchasing power is different, so i must edit price by product manually. Customer request: Hello,my question is very easy Can I fix prices for different currency’s? I don´t want to allow the system to change… read more