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How to insert currency switcher into single product page

Here is an example what this article means: To insert WOOCS drop-down into woocommerce single page you are need to create folder ‘woocommerce’ in your current wordpress theme, then create in that folder new folder ‘single-product’ and drop there file price.php which you can take from wp-content\plugins\woocommerce\templates\single-product\price.php In price.php after:

add code:

as on… read more

How to add order manually

Create order -> press Save button -> select currency of the order -> press Save button -> and only now add products into the order —

How to create currency links without shortcode

Sometimes customer want to place links for currencies changing into his site header.php. Or smth another… But if to place link simply as: <a href=”/?currency=USD”>USD</a> – it will redirect user to the main page – what is not convenient. In such case JavaScript can help you! Drop links with the currencies you are need into the place… read more