WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher

Special shortcode to show current country only

Question: “Hello team, is there a shortcode just to display the country name?” Answer: “No, but it is possible to add by the next code example”


Hide trailing zeros on prices

In file functions.php file add next code:


How to add its own custom currency aggregator

From WOOCS version 2.3.1/1.3.1 it is possible with 2 next hooks: woocs_announce_aggregator and woocs_add_aggregator_processor in file functions.php of the current wordpress theme. Example:


How to realize WooCommerce Price Based on Country

WOOCS functionality allows realize Price Based on Country using its own functionality, for this you need: in tab Advanced set for ‘Is multiple allowed’ -> ‘Yes’ press Save button enable ‘Checkout by GeoIP rules’ enable ‘Individual GeoIP rules for each product(*)’ set GeoIP rules in its tab In each product set prices you prefer for each […]

How to round price to 99 cents

Open your current wp theme functions.php file and drop there next code:

Read also: https://currency-switcher.com/hook/woocs_raw_woocommerce_price/ Origin: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/round-price-xx-99/  

How to reset page cache in the browser

press CTRL+R CTRL+F5 Ctrl+Shift+R Apple + R or command + R (apple) in Chrome browser the best way is: Open the developer tools: Ctrl + Shift + I Now, leaving the panel open, left click on the “Update” button (next to the address line) and do not release the button. After a few seconds, you […]

Is it possible that delivery country change the currency?

Yes, in the functions.php file of the current wp theme of the site add the next code:

  Do not forget to set in tab “GeoIP rules” currency rules for countries as that rules uses in the billing on the script above Customer request: Is it possible that Delivercountry change the Curreny? Deliver to […]

Where to find what currency was used for payment in database

Original: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/where-to-find-what-currency-was-used-for-payment-in-database DB Table: wp_postmeta Key: _order_currency Code:


How to disallow any currency for any country

Request from the customer: Basically, add a column to the existing table, with a dropdown that shows “all countries” by default OR “selected countries” comma delimited this way, I can accept Euro only in Euro countries and USD in others. This will affect the currency dropdown – in case that the current GEO supports one currency, […]