WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher

Update v.2.3.6/v.1.3.6

new WOOCS admin panel Price thousand and decimal separators Helper of currencies for user selections (in new admin panel) Field ‘interest’ works with percentage also. Example: 20% New hooks: ‘woocs_price_thousand_sep’ + ‘woocs_price_decimal_sep’ which allows to manipulate by price thousand and decimal separators according to business logic (example is countries). Example:


How to insert currency switcher into site menu?

You should insert there not big drop-down. You can create currency drop-down in Smart Designer and set there smaller size elements (fonts, heights). Then install plugin ‘Shortcode in Menus’ and place there SD shortcode: Result will looks as shown on the next image: To get more attractive variant use ‘scale’ option! create new shortcode in […]

How to customize woocommerce currency switcher view

“Smart designer” (from v.2.3.5/1.3.5) is the part of functionality of WooCommerce Currency Switcher which allows to create multi currency drop-down switcher using convenient dashboard. You can create unlimited count of drop-downs designs for different places of your site and even insert them directly into the site code. Also you can create custom shortcode-wrapper to show […]

Special shortcode to show current country only

Question: “Hello team, is there a shortcode just to display the country name?” Answer: “No, but it is possible to add by the next code example”


How to use Memcached or Redis as currency storage

From v.2.3.4/1.3.4 go to tab ‘Options’ in ‘Currency aggregator’ select ‘Memcached’ or ‘Redis’ set the option ‘Storage server’, usually it is ‘localhost’ BUT different hosting companies has different options, and maybe socket is possible only, ask your hosting support or read hosting documentation set the option ‘Storage port’, usually foe Memcached port is 11211 and […]

Hide trailing zeros on prices

In file functions.php file add next code:


Update v.2.3.3/v.1.3.3

Fixes In option ‘Currency storage’ added native WooCommerce session for more compatibility with site set of scripts New shortcode: [woocs_price] New hook woocs_price_shortcode New hook-filter woocs_redraw_cart  

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate by pluginrepublic.com

Plugin link: https://pluginrepublic.com/wordpress-plugins/woocommerce-product-add-ons-ultimate/ In file plugins\product-extras-for-woocommerce\inc\functions-cart.php add next code:

  On the same file add next code:

    And to the same file:

And on the same file:

  And on the same file: