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Update v.2.1.8/1.1.8

New feature: Individual fixed prices rules for each product Customer request: Please provide MANUAL price add per product. Because each country purchasing power is different, so i must edit price by product manually. Customer request: Hello,my question is very easy Can I fix prices for different currency’s? I don´t want to allow the system to change… read more

How to adapt woocommerce reports by date for currency switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher cant by default work with WooCommerce reports by default as there is no hooks there, and its not possible to plug-in there. But after some investigations of woocommerce code I found 1 way how to adapt reports for orders with different currencies (works only for Reports->Orders->”Sales by date”): open file wp-content\plugins\woocommerce\includes\admin\reports\class-wc-admin-report.php find… read more

Accepted PayPal currencies

Read actual info here: If the currency is omitted of the list, the default currency will be U.S. Dollars – so be care with adding currencies into woocommerce store as acceptable by PayPal – on PayPal checkout page if currency is not acceptable amount will be the same but in USD!! Example: Customer decided to activate… read more

Switch currency with language change

WPML: open functions.php of your current wp theme drop there next PHP code:

See WPML docs about languages codes Polylang: open functions.php of your current wp theme drop there next PHP code: See Polylang docs about languages codes    

How to force any currency on the checkout page

Sometimes its necessary force on checkout page any currency by logic of business. open functions.php of the current wp theme and drop there next script:

Change ‘USD’ to any currency you need …  

How to to display the text “Call for Price” when the price is 0 or blank

Next code will do the job: